The Prawn Awakens EP

by Satanic Dagga Orgy

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The third EP from Satanic Dagga Orgy


released April 14, 2017

Music and Lyrics by Satanic Dagga Orgy

Recorded at Anti Motion Studios on 21 and 22 January 2017 by David Grevler and Gareth Bothma

Mastered by Rogan Kelsey

Produced by David Grevler and Satanic Dagga Orgy



all rights reserved


Satanic Dagga Orgy South Africa

Drawing influence from pop music and punk rock, S.D.O's grooving folk jams fill the space between the two extremes and get the crowd bouncing along from the first chord to the last beat of the doos.

Grab a six pack or some rolling papers and "get down with the orj".
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Track Name: Believe In Yourself

1st Verse:
Believe in yourself you hold the future in your hands

Believe in yourself and the goodness of your fellow man

Believe in yourself you are the captain of your dreams

Believe in yourself nothing is beyond your means


2nd Verse:
Believe in yourself the only limits are the ones you choose

Believe in yourself and take chances there’s nothing to lose

Believe in yourself you burn more brightly than you know

Believe in yourself, embrace your faults and let love grow

I’ve never seen a cloud without a silver lining
And I’ve never seen a rainbow’s gold
At the end we are the only ones we can believe in
At the end we’ve only got ourselves


Believe in yourself the day is yours to take

Believe in yourself be brave and make mistakes

Believe in yourself at the end you’re all you’ve got

Believe in yourself, there is no Devil and you are God

Track Name: Kan Jy Best?
Sometimes it’s hard to bite my tongue
Cause I know everything and I’m never wrong

I’m at the top, of this rap game
Cause money is important, and so is fame.
Spouting opinion is what makes you smart
And selling millions of copies is what makes it art

Don’t do your best, be like Kanye West
A little like Jesus without the dress
Don’t do your best, be like Kanye West
A little like Lennon, without the rest

Jesus walks, but he doesn’t read
Cause he’s got all the wisdom he’ll ever need
Base your worth on your fancy cars
Your magazine covers and your wife’s fat ass



Just be your best, don’t be like Kanye West
Don’t be a moron who’s self-obsessed
Just be your best don’t be like Kayne West
An overhyped asshole

$53 Million in debt.
Track Name: Satanic Dagga Orgy (Slight Return)
Well I tried to be a hipster but I’m too fat for skinny jeans
And I tried to jol to Mumford but I always preferred Ween
LSD and Molly weren’t quite the drugs for me
And the constant drone of hippie trance just made me want to scream

Well I never understood
Why old Satan was no good
Felt at home with bongs and blunts and Aweh Lucifer
And the sad soul of country moved me like the dead Jeff Buckley
And Terry Pratchett always stole my heart

Monty Python, seedless cheese, tambourines, transgendered porno queens
Satanic Dagga Orgy is the only band for me
Blackbeards beard, Saartjies bobotie, crazy horse and Loopy’s snoortjie
Satanic Dagga Orgy is the only band for me

Well we’re all about the music but we’re not big fans of scenes
Cause South Africa was born out of cultural diversity
Good shows good bands good sounds good friend and perhaps a little weed
It’s out there almost every night, support is all it needs


Storms doos and zams mondflutjie
True stories mouth solos wakey bakey
Underage fans, mevrou van wyk
5 men in Speedos looking great
So take a quorum and you’ll see
And sing along if you agree
Satanic Dagga Orgy is the only band for me